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Making a decision as to the best entrance mat for your facility or business can be difficult when faced with such a wealth of choices. There are however, a number of critical criteria to help select the most suitable entrance mat for your particularly facility.

It is often valuable to seek advice of skilled, trained matting consultants to ensure that the matting that you have chosen is ideal for your facility.

Find out more about these specific mat criteria in our blog post: Choosing an Entrance Mat.

Choosing an Entrance Mat
  • traffic
    Traffic The amount of traffic has a major bearing in the efficiency and wear of the mat.
  • fibre
    Fibre Weight Fibre weight will have an effect on the longevity of the mat.
  • fibrestru
    Fibre Structure The resistance of traffic patterns and where, how and if the mat will flatten.
  • environ
    Environment The type of dirt carried in to the facility will depend upon the outside environment.
  • matsize
    Mat Size The size of the mat will determine the effectiveness of removing dirt from shoes.
  • archi
    Architectural Mats Are often specified in new buildings and are a combination of materials.





The premium Mat World Hydrasorb is the original heavy duty Entrance Mat, is constructed from heavy duty carpet fibre and is up ...


The Mat World Victoria Mat complements high traffic corporate environments with an aesthtically pleasing modern design.
P ...


In the Hydrasorb range yet more cost effective, this hobnail patterned heavy duty mat will perform to help with dirt and moistu ...


Exclusive to Mat World, the Elegance mat adds a sophisticated touch to any office, corporate building, shopping centre or publi ...


The entrance to your premises can say a lot about your business. It needs to be smart but it also needs to be safe. Mat World†...

Super Brush

A heavy duty mat at an economic price

The Mat World Super Brush Very High Traffic Entrance Mat features an innovative b ...

Waterhorse Premium

The Mat World Waterhorse Premium entrance mat has a first-class contemporary design coupled with an extremely hard-wearing poly ...

Waterhorse Regular

The Mat World Waterhorse Regular is the perfect mat to use for areas where appearance and design is key.

The Ultra-dens ...


A superior, premium quality Fingertip Rubber Industrial Mat, perfect for external building entrances where the fingers nee ...

Printed Logo Mats

Putting your logo or brand colours on your mats by choosing one of Mat World’s premium Printed Custom Logo Mats is a great wa ...

Inlay Logo Mats

Where branding is important, an inlay logo mat is your perfect solution. Using the highest quality matting, Mat World can take ...

Wayfarer Inlay Logo Mats

Perfect for where branding is important, these vinyl loop mats can be customised with any logo or design. With excellent colour ...

Wayfarer - Backed

The Mat World Wayfarer Entrance Mat is a vinyl loop mat available in both backed and unbacked styles. The vinyl loops of this m ...

Coir Mats

Mat World’s Coir Matting is made in europe from premium natural coco fibres (coir) from the outer husk of coconuts. When used ...

Aluminium Architectural Mats

Preferred by architects and designers, Mat World’s Aluminium Architectural Mats are attractive, premium products preferred by ...

Designa Vinyl Architectural Mat Tiles

Elegant and modern, Mat World’s Designa Vinyl Architectural Mats are the perfect flooring solution for architectural specific ...

Carpet Tiles

Mat World’s commercial grade Carpet Tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs that will add a dash of striking, ...

3M Nomad Entrance Matting - Aqua Series 45

Developed and refined over 30 years, the dual-fibre loop system traps dirt and moisture more effectively than conventional matt ...

3M Nomad Entrance Matting - Aqua Series 65

Developed and refined over 30 years, the dual-fibre loop system traps dirt and moisture more effectively than conventional matt ...

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