Recess Mats and Mat Wells

Whether for home, office, or other commercial environments, recess mats and mat wells serve an important role. For many, these details serve as part of the first impression people have of your building.

Also, recessed entrance mats and mat wells are important for providing sure footing and safe passage through the structure. They also are the first line of defence against dirt, debris, and moisture before it reaches carpeting or other flooring.

At Mat World, we understand that the right mats can boost both performance and appeal. Poorly made, worn, or old mats will not provide the same levels of either safety or satisfaction.

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Mat World is Australia's quality mat source for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, athletic, and other purposes.

Four Reasons to Change Your Recess Matting

When mats break down, they start to fail in their primary function. When the following problems emerge, you may need an upgrade or a replacement.

Cracking on the Surface

Cracking and worn surfaces often provide the first visible sign that mats require replacement. Worn surfaces can make mats slippery whilst also preventing them from trapping dirt. Cracked surfaces can cause people to trip as well.

Adhesive No Longer Holds Mat in Place

Homes and business owners alike want their entryways to make the best first impression. Commercial operations especially do not want to leave a poor impression on customers, clients, or partners making a visit to the building.

Mat Has Lost Aesthetic Appeal

Mats with cracks and worn-through surfaces resist efforts to thoroughly clean them. Waste and other materials seep inside, creating noxious odours and ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Germ-laden mats create health problems for animals and human handlers alike.

Building Needs Change

When a building changes hands or businesses change their operation, mats already in place may no longer provide their desired function. Especially in a business, industrial, or agricultural environment, you need the proper mats for safety.

We can help to upgrade your mats to ensure that they work as safely as possible, regardless of the environment.





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