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Mat World Specialises in Reliable Wet Area Mats Australia-wide

Wet area matting serves a variety of useful purposes, both at home and in commercial settings. Whether you are looking to prevent slips, allow for better drainage, or simply provide anti-fatigue flooring for your employees; we are your premier destination for wet areas mats in Australia.

From commercial kitchens and industrial spaces to leisure centres, public pools and anywhere that’s prone to oil exposure, our wet area matting is suitable for a wide range of applications.

They are purposely designed to be non-slip, easy wash, comfortable and highly durable for longevity. Rest assured, your new pool/shower mat will serve its purpose for many years to come, with very little maintenance required.


Safe and comfortable anti slip mats for wet areas

Mat World only supplies the highest quality wet area matting available, designed by industry experts and made with premium grade materials to deliver efficient results.

We offer mats in a variety of thicknesses to provide additional cushioning for feet, while also protecting your floors and other surfaces. Some of the pool mats and shower mats listed here are made with 100% recycled materials, while others are suitable for food contact.

The texture of each mat varies to cater for different purposes. For example, the counterbalancing properties of the Bubble Drainer respond to even the most minute body movement and pressure, while the grease resistant rubber of the Cushion Foot Drainer is ideal for butcher shops and food processing facilities.

You’ll also find a whole host of general all-purpose wet area matting solutions in our selection, which can be easily customised to your desired specifications, for highly economical prices.


Enjoy peace of mind, with our specially designed wet area matting

With so many varieties to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find the ideal wet area matting solution for your specific needs, in our collection below. Mat World also supplies a comprehensive range of rubber mats and rolls, anti-fatigue mats, personalised logo mats and flooring safety accessories.

Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured that Mat World is passionate about combining comfort, safety and aesthetics for exceptional commercial mats that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Enquire about our bespoke matting solutions

Speak to us directly for a free consultation regarding our bespoke matting solutions, or simply request a quote online and a friendly member of our team will provide a prompt response.

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Vynalite Tube Mat

The Vynalite Tube Mat from Mat World is built from PVC tubes welded into a grid. Light weight and easy to roll-up and move, our ...

Heron Air

Our Heron Air Welded Strip Mat is designed as an open grid square profile PVC tubes welded to PVC under-bars, which aids anti-f ...

Vyna Grip

The Mat World Vynagrip is the heaviest duty industrial mat designed in an open grid pattern of solid squares with PVC rods ...

U-Mat Runner

The Mat World U-Mat Runner is a low profile drainage mat featuring a one-piece construction. The U-Mat Runner is the perfect so ...

Cushion Foot Drainer

The premium Cushion Foot Mat from Mat World is an all-purpose mat featuring drainage holes throughout the mat that drains falli ...

Safewalk Economy

If you need a general purpose mat that can cope with long periods of standing, the Safewalk Economy Anti-fatigue Mat from Mat W ...

Soft 'N Safe - Anti-Slip Drainer

Mat World’s Soft ‘n Safe mat features a soft, sponge rubber compound that ensures comfortable standing for users over long ...


The Mat World S-Mat is constructed from a unique foam plastic composition that offers superb foot relief in industrial and comm ...

Wet Star

The Mat World Wet Star is a raised matting runner suitable for a wide range of applications -  from industrial settings to ...

Wayfarer Unbacked

The Mat World Wayfarer Unbacked Mat is a vinyl loop mat available in both backed and unbacked styles. The vinyl loops of this m ...

Boot Dip Mat

The Boot Dip mat is ideal for food prep areas, farming, stables and stud farms, or anywhere that a high standard of disinfectin ...

SmartGrip Roll Mat

Designed for Supermarkets and other indoor environments where floor and slip protection is required. The SmartGrip Roll Mat sti ...

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