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Wet Area Matting

Important to the function of the job and the safety of employees and clients, Mat World’s Wet Area Draining Matting excels in non-slip, easy wash, comfort and longevity. Many of these mats also offer anti-fatigue properties.

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    Commercial kitchen
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    Industrial areas
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    Bath/Shower areas
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    Leisure Centres




Vynalite Tube Mat

The Vynalite Tube Mat from Mat World is built from PVC tubes welded into a grid. Light weight and easy to roll-up and move, our ...

Heron Air

Our Heron Air Welded Strip Mat is designed as an open grid square profile PVC tubes welded to PVC under-bars, which aids anti-f ...

Vyna Grip

The Mat World Vynagrip is the heaviest duty industrial mat designed in an open grid pattern of solid squares with PVC rods ...

U-Mat Runner

The Mat World U-Mat Runner is a low profile drainage mat featuring a one-piece construction. The U-Mat Runner is the perfect so ...

Cushion Foot Drainer

The premium Cushion Foot Mat from Mat World is an all-purpose mat featuring drainage holes throughout the mat that drains falli ...

Bubble Drainer

The Bubble Mat Drainer Matting from Mat World aids workers who have to stand for extended periods of time, by addressing foot, ...

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