Easy to install, rearrange and replace; modular matting can be the answer to an area that may not conform to conventional shapes.

With practical connectors that allow for custom sizes, the range of modular matting from Mat World  means you can obtain a quality flooring solution faster, more easily, and yet precisely.


  • traffic
    Traffic The amount of traffic has a major bearing in the efficiency and wear of the mat.
  • fibre
    Fibre Weight Fibre weight will have an effect on the longevity of the mat.




24/Seven Interlocking Rubber Mat - Solid

An interlocking mat made from a nitrile based rubber and suitable for wet or dry environments, our top-class 24/seven inte ...

24/Seven Interlocking Rubber Mat - Holes

The 24/seven Inetrlocking Rubber Mat - Holes from Mat World is an all-purpose mat that drains falling liquids.

Carpet Tiles

Mat World’s commercial grade Carpet Tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs that will add a dash of striking, ...

Designa Vinyl Architectural Mat Tiles

Elegant and modern, Mat World’s Designa Vinyl Architectural Mats are the perfect flooring solution for architectural specific ...

Interconnecting Gym Mats

At Mat World, our commercial grade Gym Mats are created using high density, high impact and tightly bonded commercial grade nat ...

Gym Mats - Domestic and Light Commercial Gym Flooring

Our domestic and light commercial rubber Gym Mats (or Gym Tiles) are a great quality, affordabl ...


The Mat World Tactiles are designed specifially as a danger warning for foot traffic, especially useful for the vision impaired ...

Bolyu Carpet Tiles


Obex Entry Tiles - Cut

Modular tile entry system. 

OBEX™ cut pile Entrance Tiles offer high-performance dirt and mo ...

Obex Entry Tiles - Loop

OBEX™ loop pile Entrance Tiles offer high-performance dirt and moisture collection plus tailored design. All Tiles feature ou ...

Gym Mats - Commercially Certified Gym Flooring

These high-quality, Australian made, Commercially Certified Gym Flooring Mats come in a 1m ...

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