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The premium Mat World Hydrasorb is the original heavy duty Entrance Mat, is constructed from heavy duty carpet fibre and is up to three times the weight of other mats, enabling it to handle heavy traffic over a period of years. It is not only a practical solution to areas of heavy wear, but it is also cost-effective, especially when you consider that the Hydrasorb High Traffic Entrance Mat is likely to last up to three times as long as other door mats.

With heavy duty edging (twice the weight of regular edging), trolleys ride up with ease and edge cracking and splitting is minimised. Designed for extremely high traffic areas, the Hydrasorb is the best choice when you need a mat that can take a real beating and remain functional.


  • Boasts a slip resistant gripper backing, which prevents movement and increases safety
  • Mat World can custom make the high quality Hydrasorb mat to fit any shape, width, size, or recess
  • Available in charcoal, brown, or burgundy colours
  • Absorbs and holds substantial amounts of water on wet days yet dries quickly
  • An extra heavy duty trolley resistant edging can be applied to this product if required
  • The original and highest quality mat  - unique to Mat World. 

Don't be fooled by imitations. Be sure your mat is the Original Hydrasorb.

Available exclusively from Mat World. 


All commercial settings such as shopping centres, public buildings, office blocks, banks, hospitals and airports
Slip Resistance, Entrance, Suitable for wet areas, Custom, Hi Traffic, Outdoor Suitable, Suitable for Dry Areas


Any length or width
Full roll sizes 15x2m or 15x4m
Fully Custom
Charcoal, Burgundy, Brown
Fibre weight: 59oz per sq yd / 2000gm per sq m
The most heavy duty and absorbent mat on the market.


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