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Stable and Cattle Mats

Stall mats serve as a great modern way to protect your horses or cattle. Large scale livestock represent a significant investment. Keeping these livestock in the proper environment is important for animal health and safety.

Horses especially need surfaces that keep them safe from injury.

Using durable and high quality agricultural products, like rubber stable mats, from Mat World provides safer work surfaces for animals and human handlers. As they age and show wear, however, the effectiveness of these mats is reduced. This is when you might need to replace your matting.

Mat World Has Solutions to Cattle and Horse Stall Mat Problems

Make sure that your cattle and horse stall mats protect you and your animals effectively. Mat World offers a variety of stall mat products that are respected for their durability, performance, and longevity.

Your animal investment requires the best quality care and the safest surroundings. Ensure that your animals remain free from injury, disease, and other issues with our flooring products.

Call or message today to learn more about how we can help boost stall safety on your farm.

Four Reasons to Replace Cattle and Stable Mats

Livestock owners need to protect their investment in horses. When stable mats wear down, they can pose a hazard to the animals. Keep a look out for these signs.

slip The Mat Is Stretched Or Torn

Stall mats experience significant amounts of wear. They can get cracked, stretched out, and torn. When this happens, it can pose multiple hazards for animals who use them. Uneven surfaces can cause dangerous trips and falls.

clean The Mat Shows Other Signs of Wear

Older and frequently used mats can also experience structural breakdown. They no longer have the cushioned property that protects animals’ feet or which provides protection in a fall. This can contribute to increased rates of injury.

feel The Mat No Longer Resists Odours and Other Issues

Mats with cracks and worn-through surfaces resist efforts to thoroughly clean them. Waste and other materials seep inside, creating noxious odours and ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Germ-laden mats create health problems for animals and human handlers alike.

looks The Mat No Longer Functions Properly

If you notice your livestock having problems or suffering discomfort, it may be time to replace your mat. Mats should be one of your main defences against injury, and if it's not up to the task, you will need a new one.




Stable and Cattle Mats

The Mat World Stable and Cattle Mats are made from a specialised heavy duty rubber ideal for specific purposes such as catering ...

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