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Your branding on our premium quality Entrance Matting.

Utilising three great forms of logo mat production, Mat World produces brilliant professional branding for your organisation. From photographs, to eyecatching logos to silhouettes, Mat World will ensure that your branding is visible for your situation.




Printed Logo Mats


Inlay Logo Mats

Where branding is important, an inlay logo mat is your perfect solution. Using the highest quality matting, Mat World can take ...

Wayfarer Inlay Logo Mats

Perfect for where branding is important, these vinyl loop mats can be customised with any logo or design. With excellent colour ...

Custom Printed Logo Bar Runners and Mats

Ultra absorbant and soft, these high quality knitted polyester topped mats have a nitrile based rubber backing that i ...

Coir Logo Mat

Our Coir Logo Mats are made from 100% natural coconut husk fibres which scrape dirt and debris effectively from shoes. We ...

DirtStopper Logo Mat

Favoured for commercial flooring the DirtStopper Logo Mat is a long lasting, medium to high foot traffic mat with a sharp logo ...

Printscraper Logo Mat

The PrintScraper Logo Mat is a functional and affordable mat ready to create a real impact at your entrance. With its specially ...

Rubber Logo Mat

The Rubber Logo Mat is 100% rubber and provides a functional alternative to carpet topped mats. Tough and durable, this ma ...

Printed Residential Coir Mats

Perfect for handover gifts, our popular printed coir doormats come in two styles. 

Embossed Print ...

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