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Multiguard Mat

Corner product image of Multiguard Mat made from 100% rubber
Corner product image of Multiguard Mat made from 100% rubberFull product image of Multiguard Mat made from 100% rubber and suitable for outdoor areas or industrial workstations.Superclose up of the Multiguard Mats beveled edging and flexible rubber ringers that scrape shoes and trap dirt.Close up of the rubber edging which is beveled to prevent controls and tripsInsitu product image of the multguard mst used to scrape off shoes.Insitu product image of the multiguard mat in an outside area.


Multiguard Mat boasts a range of intuitive design features, including flexible rubber fingers that scrape shoes and trap dirt. As well as preventing damage to inside floors, these rubber fingers provide anti-fatigue resilience and the rubber under surface also prevents the mat from slipping.


  • Unique design
  • Beveled edging that helps to prevent controls trips
  • Easy to keep clean via a simple shake or hosing.
  • Can be filled with disinfectant to ensure soles of shoes walking over the mat are disinfected and cleaned
  • Ideal for rural and farm environments for infection control

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Snow, gravel and grassed areas to disinfect shoes or in industrial workstations to prevent fatigue
Slip Resistance, Anti Fatigue, Entrance


600mm x 800mm
800mm x 1000mm
900mm x 1500mm
900mm x 1800mm
The perfect mat for external entrances with anti-fatigue properties.


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