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The entrance to your business or building is important. It is the first thing many people see as they enter your facility.  They have already started to form opinions about you based on what they experience as they walk in.


A good first impression can work wonders. JK. Rowling

You want to ensure that you give the right impression to your existing clientele and future customers as they enter. Choosing entrance matting for your facility or business can be difficult when there is such a wealth of choice available. It is not as simple as throwing something on the floor and hoping for the best. It is important to choose a mat that is suited for both your facility and your budget

So, how do you best decide which mat is the right mat for your business or building?

Here are some factors to take in to consideration when looking at purchasing your entrance mat:




Think about the real amount of foot traffic your business experiences daily.

If your building or business experiences thousands of people entering/exiting daily, installing mats designed for low to medium traffic areas would result in the entrance mat being worn down far quicker. This not only means the destruction of the surface material, but also a rapid flattening, particularly in pathways or common pathways across the mat. Good estimating of foot traffic is a key measurement to help you pick the correct mat.


Fibre Weight and Fibre Structure.


The greater the weight, the longer the potential life. When we refer to weight, we mean the weight of the fibres that go in to the creation of the mat, which is generally expressed in grams per square metre. At Mat World we can provide mats that range from 600gms per sq. m to as high as 2000gms per sq. m.

The structure of the fibre is just as important in prolonging the life of the mat. When the fibre is tightly punched it provides greater resistance to traffic patterns (worn pathways) and flattening, than if it is loosely punched.




The surrounding environment can also play a significant role in the longevity and functionality of an entrance mat. The type and quality of the dirt in the surrounding area may help in determining the type of mat that would be better suited for your building. If the dirt is the kind that sticks firmly to shoes, having a longer mat will help in removing it more thoroughly.


Mat Size.


As mentioned above, the size of a mat can make a great difference to its effectiveness, and efficiency. If dirt is a problem in the surrounding area of your building, having a longer (in length) mat will be more effective at helping remove dirt from the bottom of shoes. The more often shoes make contact with the mat, the more dirt is removed. It can take as much as 10m of matting to remove 99% of dirt, 6m to remove 80% and 4m will remove approximately 60% of dirt from shoes.


Architectural Mats.


Named because they are typically used in architectural and residential design, as well as construction, these mats are usually planned during the design phase of a fit-out or construction. Comprised of fibre and aluminium or a heavy wearing vinyl tread, these mats are great for entrances where mats can take a real beating from extreme foot traffic. Architectural mats are made from metal or vinyl sections with mat or carpet inserts and can be made to fit mat recesses of any size.

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right entrance mat for your building or business. At Mat World, our skilled, friendly staff can help you find the solution that’s right for you.

For further information and to see how Mat World can help you, please feel free to call us on 1300 676 807, or fill out our Online Enquiry Form, and we will be in touch shortly.