Purpose-Designed Anti-Fatigue Mats in Australia

Mat World supplies a diverse range of high quality anti fatigue floor mats in Australia, to ensure your employees are safe and comfortable while working on your premises. Our anti fatigue mats are made with quality rubber materials to provide support, traction, visibility and mitigate the risks associated with standing for extended periods of time.

Our selection caters for every type of work area, application and budget. From standing desk mats and anti-slip drainage matting to kneeling mats and more; the items featured below have been specially designed by experts to absorb shock, withstand high foot traffic, and minimise physical strain for your staff.

Standing on our feet all day long can take its toll on our bodies, if we are lacking the proper support. That’s why our anti-fatigue mats are purpose-made for improving blood circulation, thereby reducing the likelihood of joint stiffness and swelling.

The mats featured here also provide safety in the form of bevelled edges and non-slip surfaces to prevent slips and trips, which is another common hazard in workplaces where staff are on their feet for long periods of time.

Boost productivity, with our exceptional anti-fatigue standing mats

At Mat World, we supply anti-fatigue floor mats to countless businesses right across Australia; including hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, factories, retail and hospitality. If you are eager to provide your personnel with the comfort and support they need in order to work as efficiently as possible, our selection of anti fatigue mats is the ideal solution.

Browse our expansive range as a whole, or drop us a line for expert advice and recommendations on which matting would best suit your specific workplace and application.

We also supply premium quality entrance mats, wet area mats, flooring safety accessories and personalised logo mats to expand brand awareness.

Your go-to destination for anti fatigue floor mats in Australia

As one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of commercial matting for entrances, wet areas, industrial sites and more, Mat World is committed to exceeding your expectations with our endless range and efficient turnaround times.

In addition to our expansive online store, we have offices throughout the country, where our professional matting consultants are happy to discuss your specific requirements for commercial mat solutions.

With a vast array of indoor and outdoor options to choose from in all shapes, sizes and materials, Mat World has got you covered.

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  • lower
    Minimise Pain and SwellingImproves movement and helps avoid lower back pain, varicose veins and leg swelling
  • aid
    Aids with Circulatory Health Anti-Fatigue matting can aid the blood to circulate and help avoid clots
  • fibs
    Fibre StructureThe resistance of the fibre structure has a bearing on the anti-fatigue properties of the mat
  • traff
    TrafficThe amount of traffic has a bearing on the type of mat required




Diamond Plate Gel Mat

Mat World’s premium Diamond Plate Gel anti-fatigue mat has been designed to cater to industrial areas where mats must deliver ...

Bubble Mat - Solid

The Bubble Mat Anti-Fatigue Matting from Mat World aids workers who have to stand for extended periods of time, by addressing f ...

Tile-Top Premier

The marble-look Tile Top Premier Mat is the most attractive anti-fatigue mat on the market. Perfect for areas on display to the ...

Comfy Rib Premier Mat

Boasting a 13mm neoprene-like base, the Mat World Comfy Rib Premier doubles as both an anti-fatigue mat and a legitimate insula ...

24/Seven Interlocking Rubber Mat - Solid

An interlocking mat made from a nitrile based rubber and suitable for wet or dry environments, our top-class 24/seven inte ...

24/Seven Interlocking Rubber Mat - Holes

The 24/seven Inetrlocking Rubber Mat - Holes from Mat World is an all-purpose mat that drains falling liquids.

Soft n Safe Mat - Solid

Mat World’s Soft ‘n Safe mat features a soft, sponge rubber compound that ensures comfortable standing for users over long ...

Soft n Safe Mat - Holes

Mat World’s Soft ‘n Safe mat features a soft, sponge rubber compound that ensures comfortable standing for users over long ...

Safewalk Premium

One of our most popular mats in kitchen areas, The Safewalk Mat is a multipurpose, anti-fatigue mat that allows for superior dr ...

Multi-Purpose Runner

The Mat World Multi-Purpose Runner is a low profile drainage mat featuring a one-piece construction. The Multi-Purpos ...

Tubular PVC Mat

The Tubular PVC Mat from Mat World is built from PVC tubes welded into a grid. Light weight and easy to roll-up and m ...

Safety Grip Tubular Mat

Our Safety Grip Tubular Mat is designed as an open grid square profile PVC tubes welded to PVC under-bars, which aids anti ...

Diamond Foam

The Mat World Diamond Foam Anti-Fatigue Mat is an economical safety flooring solution in black with yellow edging. Comprised of ...

Soft Foot

With greater resilience and dramatically enhanced wear resistance, the Mat World Soft Foot is an amazing, effective anti-fatigu ...

Ribbed Cushion Mat

This soft and flexible mat is a great choice for anti-fatigue matting on a budget.

This blown vinyl sponge is ...


The Mat World S-Mat is constructed from a unique foam plastic composition that offers superb foot relief in industrial and comm ...

Stable and Cattle Mats

Our Stable Mats are made from a specialised heavy duty rubber, with a slightly cushioned bubble surface to help reduce fatigue, ...

Multiguard Mat

Multiguard Mat boasts a range of intuitive design features, including flexible rubber fingers that scrape shoes and trap d ...

Gym Mats - Domestic and Light Commercial Gym Flooring

Our domestic and light commercial rubber Gym Mats (or Gym Tiles) are a great quality, affordabl ...

Interconnecting Gym Mats

At Mat World, our commercial grade Gym Mats are created using high density, high impact and tightly bonded commercial grade nat ...

Sparksafe Welding Mat

Mat World’s sturdy Spark Safe Welding Mat is designed for use in welding areas, where safety is critical. The thick surface o ...

Kneeling Mats

The Mat World Kneeling Mat meets the needs of tradespeople, telecommunications engineers or the home handyman – anyone who ne ...

Vitalise Standing Desk Mat

Perfect for the office or at home. Our innovative standing desk mat design combines a high-density, performance-grade foam, wit ...

Weldsafe Mat

The Weldsafe Mat is specifically formulated to repel sparks and hot metal shards. Its thick rubber surface has a melt point of ...

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