Anti-Fatigue Matting

Crucial to the comfort and well-being of personnel, Anti-Fatigue matting excels in traction, visibility and comfort for your workforce.

While minimizing the length of time workers spend standing isn’t always an option, with premium commercial quality mats from Mat World you can help combat the risks associated with prolonged standing.

  • lower
    Minimise Pain and SwellingImproves movement and helps avoid lower back pain, varicose veins and leg swelling
  • aid
    Aids with Circulatory Health Anti-Fatigue matting can aid the blood to circulate and help avoid clots
  • fibs
    Fibre StructureThe resistance of the fibre structure has a bearing on the anti-fatigue properties of the mat
  • traff
    TrafficThe amount of traffic has a bearing on the type of mat required




Diamond Plate Gel

Mat World’s premium Diamond Plate Gel anti-fatigue mat has been designed to cater to industrial areas where mats must deliver ...

Diamond Plate Classic

The best got even better! The Diamond Plate Classic Anti-Fatigue Mat is tailor-made for industrial areas where mats must delive ...

Bubble Mat - Solid

The Bubble Mat Anti-Fatigue Matting from Mat World aids workers who have to stand for extended periods of time, by addressing f ...

XL Matting

The unique design feature of our premium XL Matting flooring solution is its clever serrated top surface pattern, which creates ...

Tile-Top Premier

The marble-look Tile Top Premier Mat is the most attractive anti-fatigue mat on the market. Perfect for areas on display to the ...

Comfy Rib Premier

Boasting a 12mm neoprene-like base, the Mat World Comfy Rib Premier doubles as both an anti-fatigue mat and a legitimate insula ...

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