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Mat World secures CM3 accreditation, elevating safety

Commercial mats are far more than just something to wipe your boots on when you enter a building, they are a genuine safety device and that’s why leading mat supplier Mat World takes its role very seriously. That’s why Mat World sought CM3 certification to provide its customers with the confide..... Read More

DON’T STAND FOR THE PAIN - The benefits of anti-fatigue matting

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, we often hear about the health problems facing office workers, many of which are caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time. However, there is also a concern for things on the other end of the scale with many industrial, warehouse or customer..... Read More

ENSURING LONGEVITY OF YOUR MAT – How to best clean and care for your mat

Mats are like any other product on the market, if they are not taken care of, they will not last. Mat World only works with reputable companies who supply first-class materials. ensuring that all products are of the highest quality and are built to last. As with all things however, it is essential..... Read More
Branding with reception logo mat at Gold Coast’s Q1 Resort and Spa

Mat World reinforces branding with reception logo mat at Gold Coast’s Q1 Resort and Spa

BACKGROUND: Inside Q1 Resort & Spa Q1 Resort & Spa is an apartment hotel in the heart of Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The 78-storey resort boasts 526 apartments, 320 of which are managed by Q1. On average the resort accommodates 1,200 guests each night with over 90 per cen..... Read More