Purpose-Designed Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats in Australia

Are you in need of some decent rubber mats for your commercial kitchen? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are managing a local café, busy restaurant, popular takeaway shop or other hospitality business; quality kitchen mats can drastically reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity at the same time.

That’s why Mat World supplies Australian kitchens with an astounding selection of highly effective chef mats and rubber flooring solutions to keep your kitchen safe, comfortable and efficient.

For businesses that specialise in the processing, preparing and/or packaging of food, we carry a collection of hygienic and food-friendly mats that are specifically designed by experts for use in the food production industry.

By equipping your kitchen with commercial-grade mats that can withstand high foot traffic and constant exposure to typical contaminants like grease, oil and fat; you can enjoy peace of mind that your kitchen flooring is optimised for performance.

What are the benefits of Mat World’s commercial kitchen floor mats?

  • Designed by experts, and manufactured with premium materials for longevity
  • Each item featured here is comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, with anti-fatigue components incorporated into the design for extra support
  • Efficiently drain grease, oil, water and other kitchen spills
  • Reduce the likelihood of slips, trips and other accidents
  • Protect your kitchen floors against dirt and grime, as well as damage from heavy kitchen equipment
  • Lightweight kitchen mats that are easily cleaned and dried at the end of a shift

Browse our expansive collection of chef mats, available for shipping Australia-wide

As one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of high quality commercial matting solutions nationwide, consider us to be your very own convenient one-stop shop for kitchen mats, entrance mats, modular mats, gym mats, personalised logo mats, COVID-SAFE products and so much more.

Our superb reputation is built on personalised customer service, efficient delivery and affordable prices.

Rest assured, we are meticulous about sourcing the world’s finest manufacturers to work with, so that the quality of our mats remains at an extremely high standard.

Speak to us

We have sales offices and fully stocked warehouses with highly experienced matting consultants on-hand in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. If you have any queries about how Mat World can help you optimise your business’s flooring with first-class commercial mats, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to assist.




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