Designed specifically for areas where sound proofing performance is required or that require high compressive abilities; such as tiling and timber flooring installations in residential and commercial buildings.

Buildings with people living above and below are required to conform to Building Code Australia (BCA) Standard for Sound LN,W 62. Since 2004 it is compulsory for large residential and commercial buildings to have acoustic underlay.

The CSIRO reports are the only way to fully meet the BCA Standards, as this confirms that they are laboratory certified, as opposed to site certification. The Mat World Uniroll Acoustic Underlay system proudly meets these standards.

Compulsory for multi-residential buildings, acoustic underlay is also perfect for large domestic buildings and other facilities such as music studios and band practice environments.




Acoustic Rubber Matting RF700

As a closed cell product the Mat World Uniroll Acoustic Underlay RF700 does not let sound through as opposed to car tyre rubber ...

Acoustic Rubber and Cork Underlay RFC750

As a closed cell product the Mat World Uniroll Acoustic Underlay RFC750 is a specialilsed product perfect for dry installations ...

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