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Aluminium Architectural Mats



Preferred by architects and designers, Mat World’s Aluminium Architectural Mats are attractive, premium products preferred by architects for upmarket corporate buildings. Designed with black or clear anodised aluminium and brush, carpet-faced coir, vinyl or abrasive inserts, our Aluminium Architectural Mats offer a high-class finish while also boasting strength and sturdiness thanks to the heavy material used in their construction.

Built to your required size and specifications, Mat World’s Aluminium Architectural Mats feature aluminium scraper treads designed to remove large particles from shoes, while the inserts remove fine particles and can absorb moisture.

• Aluminium treads with mat inserts
• Inserts can be carpet-faced, vinyl, coir, brush or abrasive inserts
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Made to fit mat recesses – any shape or size
• Sound absorbing vinyl inserts underneath prevent noisy clatter
• Australian made from local and imported components for faster turnaround

Shopping centres, public buildings, office blocks, banks, hospitals, airports and new builds
Slip Resistance, Oil Resistant, Entrance, Suitable for wet areas, Custom, Hi Traffic, Eyecatching, Outdoor Suitable, Suitable for Dry Areas, Modular


Fully Custom
Multiple Colours Available
Black and Anodised Aluminium
12mm and 17mm available
High class entrance mats that are built to last.


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