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You depend on your gym floor to handle the typical wear and tear of heavy use.

For this reason, having the right matting for your gym floor is essential.

To perform at its best, your gym matting must meet exacting standards. Worn rubber gym flooring creates a number of issues, ranging from appearance to safety. When problems pop up, as they will with extended use or age, you need to know when to replace your gym flooring.

Get Quality Gym Matting

Mat World provides the best in quality gym matting, fatigue resistant flooring, and more. It remains resilient, durable, and keeps its appearance longer than other brands. Tumble, wrestle, or lift with confidence on our tight gripping surface designed specifically for your safety.

We are your premium source for all mats and rubber floors, for athletic, industrial, agricultural, or other uses.

Call or message us today for more information on how we can provide the best surfaces for your home, business, or active space.

Four Reasons to Update Your Gym Matting

Owners sometimes question whether or not they need to replace their gym matting. We have provided some helpful guidelines to aid in this important decision.

slip It Has Lost Its Grip

Rubber gym flooring should offer “grip” when used. The surface should resist sliding and offer outstanding footing. This is essential for participant safety when used for activities such as dance, gymnastics, or wrestling.

clean It Has Grown Difficult to Clean

Hygiene is of critical importance. Gym matting can get dirty and grimy, which creates the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. Worn and cracked matting is even hard to keep clean, and the hazards are even greater.

feel It No Longer Has “Spongy” Feel

One of the key safety features of quality gym matting is its ability to cushion falls and absorb impact. Over time, the spongy give that gym matting provides breaks down. If your rubber gym flooring has grown too firm, it cannot protect users from dangerous falls and heavy landings.

looks It Has Lost Its Looks

This point may be secondary to safety, but it's also important - over time, gym flooring loses its looks. Remember that your gym or dance studio clients often judge a space by the aesthetics. Make sure you have quality matting that keeps them coming back.

Decline in appearance almost always signals that the rubber gym flooring has lost other vital qualities as well.




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