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Spiral Loop Mat - Unbacked



Spiral Loop Unbacked Mat is a vinyl loop mat available in both backed and unbacked styles. The vinyl loops of this mat are very resilient and extremely comfortable to walk on, even with bare feet. The textured cushioned surface actively helps prevent slips.

Constructed in a random mesh pattern, the Mat’s loops lets dirt and water pass through while the mat surface stays clean.


  • This high quality mat dries extremely quickly
  • Anti-backterial agent resists mildew in moist areas
  • Ideal for recesses
  • Easy to clean - just shake out or hose off and allow to air dry
  • Perfect next to sand pits as the sand will fall through
  • Suitable for home pools to protect little feet against the heat
  • Can be edged as required
Swimming Pool Surrounds, Aquatic Centres, Showers, Locker Rooms, Baths, Marine areas and childcare centres
Slip Resistance, Anti Fatigue, Suitable for wet areas, Custom, Eyecatching, Outdoor Suitable


0.9m x 12m
Any length any size
Fully Custom
Blue, Grey
Eyecatching, functional and comfortable - the whole package.


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