Safety Grip Tubular Mat



Our Safety Grip Tubular Mat is designed as an open grid square profile PVC tubes welded to PVC under-bars, which aids anti-fatigue properties and promotes safety. Thanks to this open grid design, this premium flooring solution actively dissipates spillage in the workplace, while the diamond-tread surface texture on top side of this mat also aids in slip resistance. Under the hood of our Safety Grip Tubular Mat, textured under-bars work to control mat movement.


  • Can be connected sideways
  • Made from non-toxic, high grade and food grade PVC
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Alcholol, chemical, oil and acid resistant
  • Prevents glass breakages and improves safety
  • Suitable for use in the marine and/or hospitality industries
  • UV resistant
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Good sound reducing properties
  • Keeps feet dry in wet environments
Commercial kitchens, marine environments, commercial showers, aquatic centres, locker rooms
Slip Resistance, Anti Fatigue, Oil Resistant, Suitable for wet areas, Enviro Friendly, Custom


0.9 x up to 30m,
1.2 x up to 30m
Any length up to 30m
Fully Custom- can be made wider
Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Red
Food grade PVC
Where anti-fatigue properties combine with good drainage and excellent traction.


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