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Multi-Purpose Runner



The Mat World Multi-Purpose Runner is a low profile drainage mat featuring a one-piece construction. The Multi-Purpose Runner is the perfect solution for any wet production area where water is likely to be a problem, such as machine shops, industrial workstations, bars, and print shops, pot-wash areas, and ute trays, to name but a few.

Our Multi-Purpose Runner is a fatigue prevention mat ideal for reducing the stress and strain of standing up for long periods. Whether your employees work in the pot-wash area of your restaurant, they’re on their feet in a busy bar, or they stand for hours on end on a production line, our Multi-Purpose Runner fatigue mat offers welcome comfort and support.


  • Rubber nibs offer anti-fatigue properties and offers elevation
  • Low profile
  • Can be edged or unedged
  • A quick and easy solution to most problems
  • Perfect for wet and dry areas

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Downloads U-Mat_Slip_Test
Bars, utes, showers, mining, cold rooms, walk-in freezers and many more
Slip Resistance, Anti Fatigue, Suitable for wet areas, Custom


10m x 0.9m,
10m x 1.8m
Any length or size
Fully Custom
Can be edged in multiple colours (red, yellow and black)
The perfect drainage mat with excellent anti-fatigue properties.


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