Australia’s Leading Supplier of Quality Commercial Floor Mats

Is your office or commercial business lacking quality floor mats that protect your floors and promote your business at the same time? You’ve come to the right place.

At Mat World, we carry an expansive selection of highly durable commercial floor mats that convey the professionalism of your business from the moment clients or customers enter your building.

Purposely designed by industry experts for commercial or corporate environments, our business mats have been carefully manufactured with quality materials to effectively remove dirt and debris from footwear before it reaches your premises’ floors.

From standard ribbed designs to heavier duty mats that cater for high foot traffic and more extreme outdoor weather conditions, you can rest assured our collection of corporate mats includes the ideal choice for your company’s specific requirements.

Equip your commercial business with sleek, sharp and vibrant floor mats

Not only are our matting solutions extremely low maintenance and remarkably easy to clean, but their simplistic aesthetic designs complement any décor or corporate environment they’re placed in.

Enquire about our custom logo mat services in order to simultaneously expand brand awareness while keeping your floors clean, tidy and professional.

Whether you are running a small independent business or you represent a large international corporation, Mat World is dedicated to providing a personalised client experience that will exceed your expectations.

Our team can assist with made-to-measure corporate matting to perfectly fit any office floor area (no matter how large or odd-shaped) and we offer a variety of materials to choose from; including rubber, coir, carpet and more.

Feel free to explore our impressive collection of rubber matting, wet area mats, architectural entrance matting and more.

What kind of corporate mats does your business need?

When shopping for commercial floor mats, there are a few questions you can ask yourself in order to narrow your search. If you’re seeking assistance in finding the ideal choice, this information will also help our friendly team get an idea of your unique needs and preferences.

  • How much foot traffic does my business experience?
  • How much dirt and debris tends to get tracked through our doors on a regular basis?
  • How big is the entrance to our premises, and what sort of shape would my business mat need to be?
  • What is my budget for commercial matting?

By assessing these things, our representatives will be able to provide more personalised advice and recommendations.

Speak to us

As a proudly Australian owned and operated, we are 100% dedicated to providing Australian households and businesses with convenient access to premium quality mats at competitive prices nationwide. If you have any questions about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.




Super Brush Mat

A heavy duty Entrance Mat, at an economic price.

Well suited to indoor or outdoor use. 

Super Brush ...

Superguard Entrance Mat

One of our most popular Entrance Mats, for good reason. Well suited to indoor and outdoor areas.

Made to last with a he ...


Exclusive to Mat World - Hydrasorb High Foot Traffic entrance matting is used at Shopping Centres and Commercial Buildings thro ...

Aluminium Architectural Mats

Preferred by architects and designers throughout Australia, Mat World’s Aluminium Architectural Mats are an appealing additio ...

Waterhog Classic Mat

Waterhog Classic is the perfect mat to use for areas where appearance and design is key.

The Ultra-dense polyproplene f ...

Superguard Logo Inlay Mat

Where branding is important, an inlay logo mat is your perfect solution. Using the highest quality matting, Mat World can take ...

Carpet Tiles

Mat World’s commercial grade Carpet Tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs that will add a dash of striking, ...

3M Nomad Entrance Matting - Aqua Series 65

Developed and refined over 30 years, the dual-fibre loop system traps dirt and moisture more effectively than conventional matt ...

3M Nomad Entrance Matting - Aqua Series 85

Developed and refined over 30 years, the dual-fibre loop system traps dirt and moisture more effectively than conventional matt ...

Foris Entry Matting

Made to Measure Entry Matting.

Foris combines two types of high resilience polyamide fibers for the br ...

Designa Vinyl Architectural Mat Tiles

Elegant and modern, Mat World’s Designa Vinyl Architectural Mats are the perfect flooring solution for architectural specific ...

Waterhog Eco Elite Mat

This durable Entrance Mat offers a heavy fibre weight that can take absorb punishing traffic while remaining fresh-looking. A h ...

Spiral Loop Mat

The Mat World Spiral Loop Mat is a vinyl loop mat available in both backed and unbacked styles. The vinyl loops of this ma ...

Coir Mats

Mat World’s Coir Matting is made in europe from premium natural coco fibres (coir) from the outer husk of coconuts. When used ...

Tile-Top Premier

The marble-look Tile Top Premier Mat is the most attractive anti-fatigue mat on the market. Perfect for areas on display to the ...

Comfy Rib Premier Mat

Boasting a 13mm neoprene-like base, the Mat World Comfy Rib Premier doubles as both an anti-fatigue mat and a legitimate insula ...

24/Seven Interlocking Rubber Mat - Solid

An interlocking mat made from a nitrile based rubber and suitable for wet or dry environments, our top-class 24/seven inte ...

Soft n Safe Mat - Holes

Mat World’s Soft ‘n Safe mat features a soft, sponge rubber compound that ensures comfortable standing for users over long ...

24/Seven Interlocking Rubber Mat - Holes

The 24/seven Inetrlocking Rubber Mat - Holes from Mat World is an all-purpose mat that drains falling liquids.

Soft n Safe Mat - Solid

Mat World’s Soft ‘n Safe mat features a soft, sponge rubber compound that ensures comfortable standing for users over long ...


The Mat World S-Mat is constructed from a unique foam plastic composition that offers superb foot relief in industrial and comm ...

Ribbed Cushion Mat

This soft and flexible mat is a great choice for anti-fatigue matting on a budget.

This blown vinyl sponge is ...

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