Designed for specific or dual purpose, Mat World’s Special Purpose Mats perform to a very high standard in all of their fields; meeting or exceeding Australian Industry standards.




Static Dissipating Mat

At Mat World we have designed our Static Dissipating Mat using a special grounding cord that clips to the mat and is attached t ...

Synthetic Grass Anti-Fatigue tiles

Soft under foot, these synthetic grass tiles provide a natural aesthetic for a variey of indoor and outdoor applications.


Interconnecting Gym Mats

At Mat World, our commercial grade Gym Mats are created using high density, high impact and tightly bonded commercial grade nat ...

Corrugated Switchboard - Non-Conductive Insulating Mat

An industrial or office workstation mat that has been specifically designed for non-conducting and insulating purposes. The rub ...

Stable and Cattle Mats

The Mat World Stable and Cattle Mats are made from a specialised heavy duty rubber ideal for specific purposes such as catering ...

Chair Mat

A workstation mat designed for specifc purposes such as offices, front desks, home and computer areas.

Prevents carpet ...

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