Fresh Produce Matting



Fresh Produce Matting is a non-slip and tear resistant mat used to go under fruit and vegetable displays in supermarkets. This breathable mat has cushioning technology that prevents fruits and vegetables from bruising.

  • Non-slip matting to go under fruit and vegetable displays in supermarkets
  • Hardwearing and tear resistant material
  • Made from durable PVC coated fabric
  • Easy to clean and maintain produce mat
  • Suitable for all fresh food displays
  • Cushioning technology prevents food from bruising
  • 900mm x 18m wide roll
  • Can be cut to most shapes based on a 900mm wide roll
  • Open construction allows great air circulation
  • Keep product displays in place and fresh
Brand URL : Fresh-Produce-Matting
Supermarket displays
Slip Resistance, Suitable for wet areas, Suitable for Dry Areas


900mm x 18m wide roll
Any length any size
Durable PVC coated fabric


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