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Dairy Mats



Designed to reduce stress and keep cows in comfort, when rising or lying down

Produced from virgin natural rubber compound which are environmentally friendly and easy to clean

Features & Benefits

  • High density natural rubber does not absorb or retain moisture and will not encourage bacterial or fungal growth
  • The solid edge of the mat prevents the dirt seeping from outside and accumulating under the mat to maintain cleanliness
  • Enhanced comfort due to the soft texture leads to higher milk production due to relaxation enjoyed by the cows
  • Reduced veterinary costs due to reduction of stress and additional comfort
  • Slope at the back end facilitates the easy draining of urine
  • Underside with the sturdy studs provides spongy effect which reduces stress while standing
  • Excellent anti-slip surface can be loose laid wall to wall or glued on
Slip Resistance, Suitable for wet areas, Eyecatching, Outdoor Suitable


1m x 2m, Thickness: 10.5 mm, (Straight Edging) Stocked

1m x 2m, Thickness: 16.5 mm, (Straight Edging). Supplied on an indent basis

15 different sizes of up to 1.2m x 2.2m (Maximum) in 16.5mm thickness (Straight Edging). Supplied on an indent basis.

1m x 2m and 1m x 1m in 16.5mm thickness (Linkable). Supplied on an indent basis.



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