MicroShield Foot Bath



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The new MicroShield Foot Bath is our innovative system designed to effectively sanitise and disinfect footwear to help reduce the spread of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses from entering public spaces. The unique foot bath comes with 6 disposable insert pads to be replaced as needed.

  • Holds up to 6.5 litres of solution of your choice
  • Removable pegs in the corners help keep inserts stabilised
  • Ideally used with traditional entrance mat to absorb disinfectent
  • Comes with 6 disposable insert pads to be replaced as needed
  • Replacement inserts available
  • 600 x 900mm foot bath station designed to help keep your facility floors clean
Disinfecting soles of footwear before entering a building or room. Keeping premises clean and safe.
Slip Resistance, Entrance, Suitable for wet areas, Eyecatching


Education, Hospitality, Medical, Food Service, Office, Manufacturing, Government, Gyms/Recreational Facilities, Agricultural
600 x 900mm
Base material: PVC HD Vinyl Blend Insert material: Polypropylene/PET blended nonwoven fabric


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