Safewalk Premium



One of our most popular mats in kitchen areas, The Safewalk Mat is a multipurpose, anti-fatigue mat that allows for superior drainage. The mats are ideal for kitchens, restaurants, bars, food service areas, and can also be good for industrial workstations.

This mat is an economical choice for comfort and safety, with large holes throughout the mat allow for maximum drainage and moulded bevelled edges on all sides.

The Safewalk Mat comes in the following sizes:

Black (Grease Resistant Natural Rubber) 

  • 600 x 900mm
  • 900 x 1500mm
  • 900 x 3000mm

Terracotta (Grease and Oil Proof Nitrile Rubber) 

  • 900 x 1500mm

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Pubs, clubs, bars, kitchens, workstations, industrial machine shops
Slip Resistance, Anti Fatigue, Suitable for wet areas


600 x 900mm (Black)
900 x 1500mm (Black or Terracotta)
900 x 3000mm (Black)
Black or Terracotta
Natural or Nitrile Rubber
Fully moulded edges
An anti-fatigue solution at an economical price.


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