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When embarking on a business venture, opting to rent equipment like mats can be a savvy approach to managing cash flow.

Renting provides an opportunity to test before committing, though it may entail some compromises in terms of quality, appearance, and safety. The question arises: when is it time to transition from a compromise to a perfect solution? Perhaps you've crunched the numbers and are second-guessing your calculations.

Is it conceivable that owning the ideal solution for your business could be more cost-effective than renting a subpar alternative? Recently, we've been receiving numerous inquiries from companies frustrated with the service fees associated with mat rentals. They are strongly considering that purchasing mats might be a more advantageous and economical choice for their operations. Are they onto something? We'll respond with a concrete example from a real-life case, shedding light on aspects they may not have even considered. 

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness.

The immediate allure of renting mats is often the attractive price, with rates starting at less than $10 per week. However, when taking a longer-term perspective, the expenses accumulate over time, especially considering the average lifespan of a mat is 3-5 years. In the long run, the savings can be substantial. 

CASE STUDY: Auto Service (Queensland)

A company was leasing three unbranded 1500 x 900mm mats. The rental company billed them $120 per month, including weekly servicing. They approached us and were able to purchase three customised branded mats for just $912, equivalent to eight months' worth of rental fees. Even if the mats last only four years, half of our typical expectancy, the company will have saved an astounding $4,848, all while possessing a superior, branded product. 

Freedom from Rental Agreements.

When you buy a mat, it's yours to keep with no ongoing rental obligations. 

Control Over Mat Maintenance.

With a rented mat, you're footing the bill for industrial cleaning, even if your mat doesn't require it. After all, you're already paying your cleaners to give your mat a once-over. When you own your mat, you dictate the frequency of commercial cleaning; you're not bound by someone else's schedule. This means you can have it cleaned immediately after severe weather, for instance, rather than waiting for a scheduled cleaning weeks down the line. 

Emphasis On Quality.

When you purchase your own mat, you're guaranteed a brand-new, high-quality product. With a rental, one month you could get a great mat, while the next, it could be a decade-old one. You have no say in this matter, but you'll be charged the same regardless of the mat's age. Rental mats are selected based on the rental company's criteria, not yours. For instance, a rental mat must endure years of industrial laundering; a mat you purchase specifically for your business is chosen for how well it suits your needs. 

Tailor-Made Mats For Your Business.

When you buy a mat, you have the say in size and other specifications. A low-rise office complex has vastly different requirements from a petrol station, but the rental company might dispatch the same mat to both places. It's crucial to articulate your needs because mats are designed to safeguard floors and prevent slips and falls. The wrong size or type of mat won't perform this function as reliably as one tailored to its location and the level of foot traffic. Purchasing a mat also means you can have it in your chosen colors, adorned with your logo or a promotional message, an excellent way to enhance brand recognition. 

Discover The Perfect Mats For Your Business.

Whether you need a logo matentrance matanti-fatigue and safety matrubber mat or a speciality solution, our vast range or high-quality mats encompasses all industries.

Need help finding the best matting solution for your business? Don't hesitate in contacting our friendly team today - We're here to help!