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Commercial mats are far more than just something to wipe your boots on when you enter a building, they are a genuine safety device and that’s why leading mat supplier Mat World takes its role very seriously.

That’s why Mat World sought CM3 certification to provide its customers with the confidence that we have OHS/WHS systems and processes for working safely.

Mat World has successfully obtained CM3 (Contractor Management Version 3) certification, a web-based WHS pre-qualification system, developed to demonstrate health and safety capabilities. CM3 pre-qualification includes checking insurance coverage as well as a comprehensive assessment of safety systems. This assessment is completed by WHS specialists from Greencap – one of Australia’s leading specialists in health and safety risk management.

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Why CM3 accreditation matters

CM3 certification helps prove that we have robust health and safety management capabilities in place. It’s a common practice in the commercial and industrial mat industry to outsource product installation to a third-party but we prefer to maintain installation as an in-house service. This means that we control the quality and safety of the installation of all our mats, rather than entrusting a third party.

At Mat World we believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that contractors and the suppliers they use should comply with WHS standards. Because it’s the right thing to do - but also in many cases it is required by law. We’ve always run our business this way and the CM3 accreditation is confirmation of our focus on safety.

We are able to give our customers the assurance that we comply with all WHS requirements because we employ our installers directly and train them fully. Unfortunately this is not always the case in the commercial and industrial mat industry, where focus is often put on cheaper deals rather than good service.

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Mat World’s CM3 accreditation in practice

In a recent fit-out in the Armada Bathurst shopping centre in regional NSW, we were praised for our professional approach during the installation process. Armada Bathurst Operations Manager Paul French noted the importance of having installers he could trust operating during trading hours.

“Doing work at entrance doors in an active shopping centre is always a worry,” French explains. “Closing doors or having people across the doors is very, very frustrating both for the installer and for the shopper.

“I watched the [Mat World] installers and I literally just walked away and left them to it. The way they handled the general public gave me every confidence that they would manage people as good as or better than what I myself would.

“Their customer service and their patience, along with their attention to detail, was second to none. They were good at their job, but they were also good at my job, which meant I didn't have to stand there and watch them. I didn’t have to stress over it.”


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