Rubber Insert Stair Nosing



These quality aluminium stair nosings are manufactured with durable rubber material inserts which are ideal for use on exposed stair ways and high traffic areas.

All nosings have been tested to conform to current Australian Standards AS NZS 1428.4.1 and come with accredited certification.

The premium rubber inserts are designed specifically for educational institutions, healthcare or aged care facilities in mind. Rubber being a slightly softer and more flexible material means in an environment where falls may occur more regularly than the norm, the rubber is a slightly softer surface while maintaining a fantastic P4 anti-slip rating.


Our range of rubber insert rubber stair nosings include:

  • 50TP10 - with a 10mm nose
  • 50TP35 - with a 35mm nose
  • 50TP10Flush - a 10mm nose that sits flush against a timber substrate
  • 50TP10Carpet - a 10mm nose that fits into carpeted surfaces
Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Aged Care Facilities
Slip Resistance, Hi Traffic, Suitable for Dry Areas


Premium Stair Nosing with a rubber insert


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