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Wayfarer - Backed



The Mat World Wayfarer Entrance Mat is a vinyl loop mat available in both backed and unbacked styles. The vinyl loops of this mat are very resilient and extremely comfortable to walk on. The textured cushioned surface actively helps prevent slips. Constructed in a random mesh pattern, the Wayfarer Entrance Mat’s loops capture dirt falling into the mat and safely contain it until it is removed.

• The backed version of the Wayfarer Entrance Mat has a soft sheet vinyl backing to keep the mat in place
• This high quality mat dries extremely quickly
• Resists mildew in moist areas
• Can be edged as required

Shopping centres, public buildings, office blocks, banks, hospitals, airports and hotels
Slip Resistance, Entrance, Suitable for wet areas, Custom


12 x 12m
Any length any size
Fully Custom (Length, Width, Shape)
Grey, Black
95oz/sq yard, 3250gm/sq m
Elegance, functionality and comfort - the whole package.


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