Acoustic Rubber Underlay Matting RF700



Acoustic Rubber Underlay Matting is designed for areas where soundproofing and reduction in impact sound is imperative, such as high-rise units, multi-story townhouses and homes, gymnasiums, schools halls, music studios and under screeds.

It's 700kg/m³ density makes it suitable for use under rigid top surfaces and ceramics with a screed bed. 

Surface recommendations include solid timber over plywood, engineered timber floating, engineered timber direct stick, laminate floating, laminate direct stick, ceramic over screed and carpet over carpet underlay

Key Features

  • Soundproofing
  • Impact sound reduction
  • 700kg/m³ density
  • Tested in CSIRO laboratory conditions
  • Can be recycled at the end of its work cycle

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High-rise units, multi-story townhouses and homes, gymnasiums, schools halls, music studios and under screeds
High traffic areas with high noise vibration
1.2m x 10m Roll
Black, can have multi-coloured flecks
Polymerically bound black recycled rubber, can include re-grind rubber
The BCA compliant acoustic underlay for areas where sound proofing and reduction in impact sound is imperative.


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